Ordering Tips

Help with your Prescription

Base Curve: (BC) ranges from 8.3 to 9.0


Diameter: (DIA) Lens diameters are only requested on the order page if more than one size is available.

Power (PWR): The Power is the strength of your prescription

Cylinder (Cyl): Cylinder is the power used to correct astigmatism (if prescribed) 

Axis: Stated when Cylinder is required

Addition (Add Power): Required if you wear Multifocal lenses.




Ordering Tips


One Box: Complete details in for either Right or Left Eye and then click on Add To Cart.


Credit Card CCV Number: 

The Card security code is located on the back of MasterCard and Visa credit or debit cards and is typically a separate group of 3 digits to the right of the signature strip.

We require this information for your security, as it verifies that the credit card is in the physical possession of the person attempting to use it.

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